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The Anti-Poverty Network is an education and advocacy organization that draws together diverse partners in the effort to prevent, reduce and end poverty in New Jersey. Our mission is to fight poverty in NJ by educating the community, empowering partners, and advocating for solutions.

Theory of Change

APN understands that public policy plays a central role in the conditions that either reduce or perpetuate poverty. Structural problems in New Jersey’s institutions and social policies require responses that can impact the broader system. By targeting policies, programs, and perceptions that drive the conditions surrounding and perpetuating poverty, APN can simultaneously impact both the lives of the people suffering from economic struggle, and the broader social consequences. Accordingly, we focus our collective efforts on statewide policies improvements in the three broad areas that are most central of eradicating poverty: Hunger, Housing, and Economic Empowerment.

Policy Agenda

APN's policy priorities, and the research that informs them, are published in the network's white paper: Invest in the People of New Jersey: End Poverty Now! 

This resource is updated to reflect developments in research and policy matters, and forms the foundation for the network's advocacy. While APN may not be actively involved in specific campaigns on all of these issues at any given point in time, the white paper outlines a robust agenda of policy goals that are priority areas for involvement. The individual topical sections can be explored using the links below.

Read the full report.

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